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Industry Standards

Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. employs various standards throughout it’s’ organization. At the core of all locations is the “International Organization for Standardization” ISO9000 which contains the fundamentals of a quality management system. Using a third party registrar, all Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. locations are registered to the international standard (ISO 9001:2008) which contains eight management principles required to meet the standard.

Additionally, Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. has also chosen to adopt the more stringent standard for aerospace specific quality standard of AS9100 at its Wire Cloth division located in Kalkaska Michigan. This enables Wayne Wire to fulfill requirements required by major aerospace manufacturers for additional requirements beyond ISO 9001:2008 for quality and safety. Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. of Kalkaska Michigan became certified to the AS9100 standard initially on October 11, 2001 and continues to uphold certification.

Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. of Kalkaska Michigan also utilizes and is certified to special processes to National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) requirements. Currently, certificates are held for:

AC7110 NADCAP Audit Criteria for Welding/Brazing
AC7110/1 Rev F - NADCAP Audit Criteria for Brazing (Torch/Induction)
Baseline (All audits)
Supplement A – Torch (Additional requirements)
Supplement B – Induction (Additional requirements)
Supplement G – Processes using Gas (Additional requirements)
Supplement H – Processes using Flux – (Additional requirements)

Heat Treat
AC7102 Rev F - NADCAP Audit Criteria for Heat Treating
Vacuum Heat Treating - Customer Specs
Vacuum Heat Treating-Industry Specs
(Info only)AMS 2769
AC7102S Rev C - NADCAP Supplemental Audit Criteria for Heat Treating
AC7102/1 Rev 0 - NADCAP Audit Criteria for Brazing
Vacuum Brazing - Customer Specs

Vacuum Brazing - Industry Specs
(Info only)AMS 2678
(Info only)AMS 2675
(Info only) industry Spec - Other
(Info only)AMS 2662

Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. maintains a comprehensive library of standards to various needs including along with others, SAE requirements of ISO, Aerospace (AS), Aerospace Materials (ASM), Automotive, and Commercial Vehicle.
ASME requirements
ASTM requirements
AWS requirements
JIS requirements


Standards are reviewed on a continuing basis, and new versions obtained as required and needed.
Customer needs and requirements for the use of older standards are also recognized. Although a standard may have been replaced with a newer version, Wayne Wire recognizes that customers may require the older standard be met, and we maintain those for use as needed.